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Welcome to the Alberta Research Portal

The Alberta Research Portal is your gateway to a world-class collection of primary sources. This outstanding resource provides all Albertans with perpetual access to the Gale Primary Sources database, with 69 unique primary source collections, including extensive resources related to First Nations and Indigenous peoples, the Archives of Human Sexuality and Gender, Associated Press Collections, Smithsonian Collection Online, Sabin Americana, 25 titles from Gale Virtual Reference Library, to name but a few. This includes monographs, photographs, newspapers, poetry, original documents, records, and more.

All Albertans share barrier free access to this collection. Gale Primary Sources uses geo-authentication, meaning anyone in Alberta with an Internet-connected device can access these resources with no need to log in or authenticate. You can access the entire collection through this website or through your library’s digital resources.

This purchase was possible due to the extraordinary generosity of the members that contributed funds towards the purchase price of the collection. These purchase contributors are recognized throughout this website. The purchase of Gale Primary Sources and the creation of the Alberta Research Portal is an outstanding example of member-driven, cross-sectoral collaboration and was carried out in the true spirit of TAL’s mission.